Welcome To…Chronicles Of An Empathic Sage

i-sage-warrior-logo.jpgThe Definition Of “Sage” is:  A Person Who Shares Wisdom With Others Through Their Own Life Experience.

The Definition Of “Empath” is:  Awareness of Other Peoples FeeIMG_3679lings, Thoughts, Body Sensations, Compassion For Another’s Situation, Psychic Awareness Of Another Brought On Through Sensitivity and The Ability To Enter Into Another Human Beings Feelings As If They Were Their Own.

The Definition Of A Person Who Experiences “Psychic Medical Stigmata” is: A Person Who As An Empathic Healer, That Involuntary or Voluntarily,  Takes On The Symptoms Physically Of Another Persons Medical Condition.

My Name Is Sage Warrior Merari and I Am An Empathic Sage Who Also Struggles With Psychic Medical Stigmata.  I Am One Of The Spiritual Guides At Last Tribes Sanctuary and Also Teach The Healing Arts, Meditation, Martial Arts, Chant/Mantra and Living On “A Path With No Disguise.”  I Will Be Bringing Up Subjects Not Talked About Often, But Thought About “Under The Covers”…I Would Love Hearing Of Your Experiences Along The Subject Matter As A Means Of Support For Myself And The Countless Others, That Also Deal With These “Gifts” Daily.

Ours Is Not An Easy Path, But A Path That Would Make Most Think Us Insane.

Blessings, Sage Warrior Merari



18 Responses to Welcome To…Chronicles Of An Empathic Sage

  1. RT says:

    wow! this is very interesting

  2. I am excited to read your blog and looking forward to this journey.

  3. Tana Ridens says:

    It’s about time you let the world know about your gift of healing! =)

  4. andrew says:

    I think if you have a gift its important not to let it go to waste.. at all. And I thank sage warrior for being kind enough to help me with encouragement to use my gifts.

  5. Pamela Younce says:

    I look forward to reading your blog. As you know, I have my own gifts, none of which are empathy. I admire the strength it takes to not only live with yours but to share and teach.

  6. Lindy Bird says:

    I too am a sensitive. I have felt others feelings, and pain. I’ve experienced out of body experiences and things from the “other side”. Sometimes I just know things that people are thinking. I admire that you have done something with your gifts. You are one of the most awesome people I’ve had the privilege of knowing. I value our friendship. Love and Peace.

    • Sage Warrior says:

      Yes indeed Lindy Dear one…You have such strong empathic gifts, who could forget the time while doing Chakra work with you that we came out to a blanket of snow in March, just in my neighborhood. Hee, hee. Later it was called a “Freak Snow Storm” by the media.

  7. Lindy Bird says:

    I do believe birds leave messages. I am proof {grin).

  8. kimberly says:

    I am quite sensitive to everything around me, and have had many unexplained experiences in my life that would probably seem pretty weird for some. It would be nice to share these experiences and here others too. Thank you for this site.

    • Sage Warrior says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      Experiences that may seem unusual to others or so you might think, are the norm in my life…I so appreciate your bravery on speaking on the subjects that might seem a little different or odd in the eyes of others. It will become more and more important to find those of like in the coming times for the continuing of humanity. Your so welcome Kimberly for starting this site, I so hope it will help others feel like they can be themselves without worrying about what others might think!

      Many Blessings,
      Sage Warrior Merari

  9. Blissally says:

    Sage warrior, I have been having dreams of destruction of the earth. Before bad storms hit such as all the tornados in Indiana in 2012, The flooding on the east coast. I seen it all in my dreams before it happened. The dreams are very vivid as if I’m there. I am very worried about these dreams because so much worse is to come. Starvation and death is coming soon to so many. I suffer horrible anxiety from having these dreams. I also dream of people’s death that are close to me and never see faces just know it’s coming. Please help me to understand what’s going on. Too much has came true from my dreams to be ignored. My family has often told me some of us have the sight but no one will talk about it. Please help me…..

    • Sage Warrior says:


      Thank you so much for your courage to share with others about your dreams, the anxiety caused from receiving them and the “Knowing.” There is nothing we can do to change anyone else, circumstances that arise from other people or even from whole countries decisions that effect us all…What we can do Blissally, is learn to live our lives in each moment. Truly that is all any of us really have anyway…Is the moment we are currently in.

      We can make a difference in our own communities and families that we share our lives with by helping in ways that we can, so that when it all does come down we can help take care of those around us and they us. Learning Self-Defense techniques, staying fully aware and living in the moment breathing deeply with what nature surrounds us with, can help keep anxious feelings at bay.

      Staying grounded is crucial to staying emotionally okay. I love my crystals/minerals/stones and try to stay barefoot outside. I also do cleansings with sea salt water every day, as I live so close to the water this works for me. Practicing Martial Arts, Meditation and Yoga are all Very Important to my Well Being…I am sure Blissally, There are Things That Bring Peace to You that You can Do each day, be Sure to Do Things Each day that create goodness in your heart.

      May the light of this letter come to you with strength and conviction that, “All is Exactly How It Will Be” and that, “You Are Okay!”

      Sage Warrior Merari

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