Empathic Gifts or Hypochondriac?

IMG_3975You might know someone that is constantly complaining of some sickness or another. It seems like that is all they can talk about, “the current ailment.”  Perhaps it is you that feels sick all of the time, yet when you go to the doctors, nothing can be found wrong.  No one believes that there is something physically amiss and just thinks you’re a little cookoo with all your complaining.

Life feels out of balance…An unbelievable burden.

As someone who has very strong abilities as an Empathic Healer and at times struggles with psychic healing stigmata, I can’t help but wonder if these folks are just empathic, unIMG_0464aware of their powerful gifts. Are these folks “intuitively picking up” sickness by proxy? Are their very real feelings of being sick coming from folks that they are related to, in their vicinity, or even by touching an object someone else touched that is sick, such as a grocery cart handle or door handle?  I am not talking germs by the way.  http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_hypercondriac

The scientific medical community rarely takes into account any phenomenon that cannot be measured in fact.  A “knowing” doesn’t count in the world of exact science in our day and age. One result of this turn away from “intuitive help” is the medical community’s solution to the problems of undiagnosed ailments, over use of pharmaceutical drugs, thereby  masking symptoms of sickness because they cannot “cure” that which is not explained in fact.  A great read on traits of an empathic person can be found here.

Shamans and IMG_5171Medicine People throughout the ages were chosen for their abilities to go where others could not, to heal and connect the sick with their lost or unbalanced souls.  In this they were correct, that part of being sick in the body or mind has more to do with an unbalanced spiritual or emotional state than a purely bodily problem, unless of course it is something broken, cut, or missing, such as bones or skin.  Shaman Medicine people didn’t have scientific labs to test their ideas into “fact.” They had to feel their way with their empathic gifts through the troubles that were plaguing the person they were working with. They had to go strictly on intuition and their spiritual guides.  They were honored, not considered “mentally ill” by their communities.

Unused Empathic healing abilities are a curse…What would you do with such a gift?

Maybe, just maybe the next time that certain someone starts complaining aboIMG_0360ut a current body pain…You might think a little differently about them when you find yourself questioning, Empathically gifted or a Hypochondriac? Instead give them a big hug or suggest a barefoot walk in grass, sea water or dirt…Gently Reminding them, “This might not be yours.”

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