Geometric Shape Conscious Dreams

Six months before I opened a mystical learning center…I was feeling stuck, like nothing was working for me.  I hated my job, it was a dead-end, nothing job that I was doing just for the money.  It felt like I was in jail. IMG_0417 I had worked there for seven years (my limit to change), while working with people in a spiritual way out of my home.  After many hours of contemplative meditation I decided to see someone and have a past life regression done to see what my problem was with moving forward.  I don’t take past life regression lightly, so carefully picked someone I felt I could trust.  I also took a friend along.

black background with sunDuring the session many things from many lifetimes came to the light (which I will leave for other subjects). However, the most startling was from this lifetime’s childhood nights.  During the session which was recorded came, “Oh my God, the shapes, the shapes, I can’t handle it,”  I moaned.  I had forgotten about this sensation and it all came flooding back to me like the years dripped away, right into my present.

Between the ages of four through nine…four or five nights out of the week, I would lay down to go to sleep, close my eyes to the deepest black imaginable, and then this horrible sensation would happen before the visions started.  There was a Feeling of not being able to move any part of my body, yet I was fully conscious at the same time. (I now know this to be called sleep paralysis.)

It was pitched humming sound with a pulsation that seemed to get louder and stronger quickly, along with the vision of geometric shapes floating in the black abyss.  cube

Even with the humming there was a silence that I never knew could be.  Everything slowed down and seemed to be moving backwards as my body melted into the bed that didn’t even seem to be there anymore.  Very distinct and powerful three dimensional shapes were twisting and rotating in my sight, until I felt like I was going to puke.  The dizzy feeling was overwhelming and then my worse nightmare began…Only I wasn’t sleeping.

One of the shapes, a circle, seemed to squeeze itself out of another shape, a double triangle that was rotating.  Tthhe circle then divided into two… Like the figure eight. It was always the figure eight that was overwhelming because the shape kept getting larger and larger with its pulsating presence until I felt like I was being suffocated with it. It throbbed and pulsated with energy.  I couldn’t run, couldn’t get away…I was completely terrified.  The expanding dimensions of time seemed to revert backwards inside of me. All the while the shape got larger. There was no escape.  Later I discovered that this shape was a merkabah.

I would finally open my eyes and be drenched in sweat, my mouth so dry I couldn’t swallow…All from the fear of these visions.  At my regression it all came to the forefront, so I started researching to see if anyone else had this happen to them.  I found this blog which is really interesting, because the same thing had happened to many children, sometimes running in families.

I now realize that I was being called and infused with these geometric shapes aIMG_0085_1nd that these shapes gave me a purpose and have brought information to me throughout my life.  I read an interesting book, you might want to discover yourself. 

Please feel free to share your experiences that you had as a child regarding this quite amazing happening.











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My Name Is Sage Warrior Merari. I Am One Of The Spiritual Guides At Last Tribes Sanctuary. I Teach Healing/Healthy Balanced Living, Meditation, Martial Arts And Mantra/Chant. As One Of The Founders Of Last Tribes Sanctuary and The Discipline Of "A Path With No Disguise" and Its Chant, I Love To Talk About The "Un-Talkable" There Are Many Stories And Subjects To Talk About...I Hope You Will Join Us In Lively Discussion.
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6 Responses to Geometric Shape Conscious Dreams

  1. Corine of Virtual Designs says:

    Beautiful blog. Very up lifting, powerful and interesting! Well written and expressed!

  2. Blissally says:

    Oh man! When I was a child I had this same dream about every 6 months but mine wasn’t shapes it was colors that do not exists. Everything else happened the same as in your dream. I have always wondered…… Never met another person who’d talk about this let alone happen to them. Please explain to me why this happens.

    • Sage Warrior says:


      If you would Care to Explain exactly what went on in your dreams as far as vision, smell, feeling and emotion went, answers may arise better or bring up more ideas.
      Sage Warrior Merari

  3. twhelton says:

    I had these dreams as a child. I would have them often. Geometric shapes would slowly come in a dark abyss. The speed the shapes would come towards me so very, very very slow. A physical gut wrenching feeling intensified as the shape would slowly come closers. When the shape went through me, another shape would start coming towards me….one night it was corn cobs….so weird. I was between 5 and 8 years old. I had another dream around 30, this dream was I was receiving information threw chevron. I can’t explain it very well except that each chevron was an information package, and after receiving each one I accepted with I understand. I don’t know what the information was, or what it was that I understood.

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